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Onguma Game Reserve News

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New Wildlife Viewing Hide

Onguma will be launching their new bunker/hide at Onguma Game Reserve in Etosha, Namibia.  The new water-level hide will provide hours of game viewing opportunities for guests.  With over 30 different animals speicies and over 300 bird species, there is certainly a lot to see.  Being at ground level will afford photographers and twitchers a whole new dimension to their game viewing.

Vultures at Onguma

The reserve boasts the biggest breeding colony of white-backed bultures in Namibia, and these can often be seen.  The bultures that visit Etosha include lapped-faced, white-backed and hooded vultures.

General News

Captured below is the Omaramba River flowing through Onguma during the rainy season which finished in April.  This refreshing site is quite a contract to the dry pans experienced during the dry winter seasons.

Onguma Game Reserve Properties:

  • Onguma The Fort
  • Onguma Tented Camp
  • Onguma Treetop Camp
  • Onguma Bush Camp
  • Onguma Etosha Aoba Lodge
  • Onguma Camping

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